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Police Protection Training Programs

Filing and pursuance of public service litigation

Pursuing public interest litigation predominantly for Human Right activists

This component aims to study, highlight and pursue the interest of an ordinary citizen in respect to protecting of fundamental human and civil rights.  In this regard, as a start SHEHRI aimed to highlight the life and death (murder) of Nisar Baloch. A schoolteacher by profession, Nisar Baloch was a dynamic social activist and was a member of SHEHRI-CBE. His life revolved around saving the precious land of Tran-Lyari Park (Gutter Baghicha) in SITE Town from falling into the hands of land mafia. He was brutally gunned down on 7th November 2009. In his struggle to protect land from encroachers, Nisar Baloch faced jail terms on several occasions; numerous cases were registered against him at various police stations, mainly accusing him of inciting violence and damaging public property. This part of the project while paying tribute to Nisar Baloch also tries to examine the elements of violation of land rules and how law was manipulated by encroachers.

  • Gather the ground facts about Tran-Lyari park (Gutter Baghicha)
  • Study Nisar Baloch’s stance on the occupation of Tran-Lyari park
  • Gather records for all the complaints registered against Nisar Baloch and cross study them.
  • Study the FIR and case proceedings done so far for the cold-blooded murder of Nisar Baloch
  • Present all of the research done as an account/paper and a legal case.

Printing of a Brochure

A detailed Brochure, titled “101 Things You Wanted to Know About the Police But Were Too Afraid to Ask” has been published and widely distributed among all the key stakeholders. The brochure focuses on improving the relationship between the police and public by highlighting the rights and obligations, of the institution. This brochure also highlights key issues related with the debate on conversion of the Police Ordinance 2002 into an Act of Parliament. A total of 10,000 copies have been published, out of which 7000 have been in English and 3000 in Urdu.

An Ad (Public Service) Campaign

A two month campaign is being carried out in the major English/Urdu language daily newspapers for lobbying and soliciting public/stakeholder support for the conversion of the Police Ordinance 2002 into an Act of Parliament. An advertisement was published on March 21st, 2010 in daily Dawn and daily Nawa-i-Waqt. The idea was to disseminate and share with the public the suggestions for police reforms that have been put forth through various focus group discussions.

Enhancing / maintaining the functional helpline and community policing

The functional helpline is at the Shehri-CBE office on behalf of citizens, which facilitates and follows up on human rights causes with the police. This helpline also serves to facilitate the police in working with the citizens. This is part of the community police work initiated by Shehri-CBE. They have also adopted a police station in Jamshed Town Karachi, in order to facilitate it into becoming a model police station. Their motivation behind it is that if someone can adopt an orphan, a school or a hospital, then why not a police station. After all it is also serving the community and its betterment will help the society.

Media-police relations

Shehri-CBE has focused particularly on police-media relations and has made attempts to build bridges between them through conducting focus discussions with police and media on how to improve relations between both institutions.

Policy Implementation –Assessment and Recommendations for Change 

Focus Group Discussions: Focus Group Discussions (FGD’s) have been organized –  participated in by police personnel belonging to different cadres with the objective of brainstorming all the various issues related to difficulties in implementation of the Police Order 2002. Some basic issues and themes have been identified that would facilitate in the assessment of the situation and preparation of detailed recommendations.

  • Workshop #1 Police Ordinance 2002 – From Policy to Implementation – 1: Through presentations, brainstorming and debate, detailed recommendations are being firmed up for improving the implementation of the Police Order 2002, within the backdrop of the findings of the Focus Group Discussions. Police personnel of various cadres / ranks have participated in this workshop.
  • Workshop #2 Police Ordinance 2002 – From Policy to Implementation – 2: These workshops are being conducted, to present of the findings of the Focus Group Discussions and Workshop with the Police personal to Civil Society groups and solicit civil society input.  Civil society groups and media have actively participated in these workshops.
  • Workshop #3 Police Ordinance 2002 – From Policy to Implementation – 3: Parliamentarians and party leaders have participated in these workshops, where the findings of the Focus Group Discussions and Workshop with the Police personal/Civil Society groups have been presented to the elected representatives and solicited commitments for action. In this regard, a presentation was given before the Parliamentary Committee on 18th November, 2009 in Karachi. In this presentation the work of Shehri-CBE was highlighted in reference to Police Reforms.