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Police Protection Training Programs

Policy Reforms

Shehri-CBE while seeking advocacy for holistic policy reforms in the police, building up on the work that has already been initiated under the Police Ordinance 2002 has also expanded the project further to bridge the gap between the uniform and the civilians. The trust deficit which exists between the police and the community needs crucial attention. The main themes of the ongoing reform process include organizing a police system which is politically neutral, non-authoritarian, accountable and responsive to the community, professionally efficient and a strong instrument of law.

In addition, public pressure has been generated on the new legislature to convert the Police Ordinance (Police Order 2002) into an Act of Parliament. Shehri-CBE has aimed to catalyze such public mobilization.

  • By mobilizing public opinion and lobby for the conversion of the Police Ordinance 2002 into an Act of Parliament
  • By facilitating initiation of participatory and consultative dialogue amongst the relevant stakeholders on issues focusing on various aspects of the Police Ordinance 2002 in terms of their implementation – Identifying gaps in implementation and recommending strategies and actions to improve implementation   

A series of workshops have been arranged to carry on the process of dialogue, consultation and social mobilization and lobbying support for the conversion of the Police Ordinance 2002 into an Act of Parliament. The details are as follows:

Workshop #1 Trust deficit - Bridging the Gap

To understand issues and causes of trust deficit that exists between the police and the community. Nominated guest speakers also share their thoughts on causes and remedies for the trust deficit among police and civilians. Police personal/relevant government departments, citizen groups, media, academics and elected representatives participate in these workshops. Karachi Stakeholder meeting was held on March 29th, 2010. The topic discussed in the meeting was “Lack of awareness amongst police officers & Un-appreciation of their good performance”. Another Stakeholder Consultative workshop was held in Lahore. A Focus Group discussion (FGD) was held on the topic “National Project for Participatory Citizen-Police interaction and training for improving policing of Human Rights violations and advocating police reforms”.

Workshop #2 Police and Community – face to face  

A session participated by police personnel along with renowned scholars representing the community with the objective of discussing the various issues attached with the relationship between police and community.

Workshop #3 Police and the youth – youth’s perspective on Police reforms and issues

Police personal, student representatives and representatives for young professionals, participate and give their suggestions on reforms.

Workshop #4 Police Reforms – An impartial perspective: A Session with Civil Society

Representatives of Civil society are gathered and presented with the case of police reforms.

Open Courts (Khuli Kehchari) – Police & Community

A large gathering of police personals/civil society groups/media/academia etc. is held and they give their views on the current issues with police in common.