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Illegal Leases in Gutter Baghicha Since 1991

1. Illegal Lease to the KMC Officers' Cooperative Housing Society
In March 1993, 200 acres within Gutter Baghicha were illegally leased to the KMC Officres' Cooperative Housing Soiety by CDGK. Shehri-CBE filed a Human Rights Case 6-K/93 under Article 184(3) of the Constitution against conversion of Gutter Baghicha amenity land to industrial, residential or commercial use, fearing consequential deterioration in the environment. In addition, on the orders of Chief Secretary Sindh and Chairman Anti-Corruption Committee 1 (ACC1), and FIR # 56/2001 was registered by Anti-Corruption Establishment u/s 409/4677A/34 PPC r/w Section 5(2) of Act-II, 1947 against two KMC officials.
In September 1993, Supreme Court Restrained KMC or any other transferees from transferring or selling of Gutter Baghicha land. In September 2001, ACC1 cancelled the allotment.

2. Illegal Lease of Ten Industrial Plots
During 1990-94, illegal leases of approximately 8.3 acres, were granted by S.I.T.E. (in collusion with KMC/CDGK officials) for ten industrial plots. In March 2000, an FIR was registered by Anti-Corruption Establishment against 18 S.I.T.E. and KMC officials for illegal allotments to private factory owners. The leases were cancelled, and factories closed, and only Munaf Industrial is operating illegally. The case is still under process in the Anti-Corruption Court I.

3. Illegal Lease of a Petrol-Pump Plot
In 1998 a petrol-pump plot was illegally leased by CDGK at the mouth of the 100 feet road which is the gateway of Gutter Baghicha. An application was lodged in the Anti-Corruption Establishment, Karachi and the case is in process for lodging an FIR.

4. Illegal Encroachment of 50 Acres by a local UC 3 Janabad Nazim, S.I.T.E. Town
In 2003, a local UC Nazim, Talib Brohi, encroached upon 50 acres of Baghicha land. An FIR 107/2003 was registered. The case is under process in the City Court being prepared to be sent to Anti-Corruption Court and National Accountability Bureau.

5. Illegal Lease of a Plot to Ismailia Garden Cooperative Housing Society
A Plot of 7.02 acres was illegally allotted to Ismailia Garden Cooperative Housing Society. An application was lodged in the Anti-Corruption Establishment Karachi. The Society has agreed to move from this plot if alternate place is provided.

6. Illegal Lease of Two Plots to Safia Begum and Others
Two Plots of approximately 10.7 acres were illegally allotted to Safia Begum and others by KMC officials in February 1992. An FIR NO. 51/2000 was registered against the Secretary, KMC Officers Society but no one was arrested. The case is under process in the Anti-Corruption Court I.

  • Nisar Baloch
    A courageous and committed man was killed on 7th November, 2009 Nisar Baloch, resident of Old Golimar, hero of Gutter Bagicha, was gunned down in cold blood by the land mafia. He had spent the last two decades fighting to save what is left of an amenity park in a congested section of this unfortunate city. There are very few persons like him in Pakistan. We salute you, Nisar, and will miss you. The Shehri team & Citizens of Karachi

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    Story of Gutter Baghicha
    The story of Gutter Baghicha is a story of greed, connivance, and land grabbing by some citizens and officials of this city, and a story of apathy and indifference by the rest of us who call this city our home. A story where the poor have had no voice and a story of deafening silence in the corridors of power.

    Gutter Baghicha