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People and the Land
Project Title: People and the Land: Empowering Communities for Social Justice Rural Karachi-A Case Study
Year: 2011-12
Funding Agency: Funding for Social Accountability Initiatives: 2nd Grant program (ANSA)

Brief Description: Shehri-Citizens for a Better Environment has recently initiated work on a project focused on sustainable development and preservation of the cultural identity of rural Karachi. The project has the following goals:

  • To identify the reasons that may have political, administrative and development implications for the inequitable growth and development in rural Karachi inhabited by the original and indigenous inhabitants of Karachi city (Case Study – Gadap Town) in terms of lack of planning, inadequate and in cases lack of provisions of basic services and infrastructure and limited capacity of affected communities to influence the decision making processes

  • Based on this analysis and evaluation, to develop strategies and implement actions to improve the situation through planning recommendations and advocacy/awareness raising for relevant policy, planning and institutional reforms.

  • To facilitate the capacity building of local communities for enhanced and informed political involvement and institutionalizing the related civil society monitoring, regulation and social accountability mechanisms