Million Trees Campaign Hashtag: #MillionTreesCampaign

Introduction: Shehri-CBE is known for its tireless efforts to protect and conserve the natural and built environment of Karachi. We have been engaging the civil society and general populace to help us mitigate the negative impacts of Climate Change since 1988.

Karachi was recently struck by a deadly heatwave in 2015 that claimed lives of more than a thousand individuals and sickened many more. Water scarcity and scorching heat, worsened the crisis in the month of fasting. Realizing the need to overcome this issue before another tragedy strikes us, Shehri has taken up the task of replantation in Karachi.

Project Objective: Mitigating impact of Climate Change in Karachi through plantation of one million trees.

Time frame: The project shall begin at the end of March 2016

Project Description: We will be planting local flora to protect the regional biodiversity of Sindh. To increase the chances of survival we will be planting 4 ft. tall trees instead of saplings. Call for volunteers stands open indefinitely. We will be recruiting volunteers for maximizing our efforts, as well as seeking material (not monetary) assistance from other individuals, companies and organizations. We need:

  • * 4 ft. Tall Trees: Gulmohar, Coconut, Amaltus, Lignum, Neem, Lal badam, or Jamun Tree
  • * Plantation Area: Your selected area or Shehri’s project area in Karachi
  • * Human Resource: Landscape Architects, Forestry Experts, Students and Active Citizens
  • * Material Resource: Manure, Drip Irrigation equipment, and Benches